Thursday, September 6, 2012

November Dreams

October, November, and December, the tattoo world starts to gradually decline in business. It’s the slowest part of the whole year. This year I would like to find time to travel, relax, and focus on machine building. I’ll still be tattooing but I would like to achieve some productivity in building tattoo machines and find time to see some people that I haven’t seen in a while, or haven’t met. I would like to get out into the world and meet, and hang out with some Tattooers and builders that I talk to all the time but have never physically met. Create relationships outside of the digital universe. I’m hoping to plan some travel time for the last two weeks of November. Those two weeks have seemed to be the deadest time of the whole year for me.

November is so slow for me I’d like to do something special for my EvoTat friends and family. I would like to do some bigger pieces if possible. Pieces I would have to sit for three plus hours or more. Stuff that I can put into a portfolio, possibly a press kit, and even compete those pieces if and when there’s a convention that will roll through Colorado again. My thought is if you will pay for the 3 hours the fourth will be free. By doing this I can put extra time into the tattoo and really push the envelope and put all those extra details in them; things like highlights, lowlights, textures, shadows, and much more. I am an extremely fast tattooer, so having that extra time will allow me to go back through and tighten up the pieces that I normally don’t have time to do. 

For people who will be interested in smaller tattoos I am willing to give a similar offer. For smaller tattoos I will give half an hour to give that extra zazz and love. What I’m thinking is the tattoos have to take around 2-3 hours; preferably pushing the three hour mark. Tattoos that take an hour to an hour and half normally are one pass projects so there isn’t a need to go back through. Whether it’s two, three, or four plus hours the tattoos will be original. Naturally the more freedom you allow me to have the more I’ll put into the tattoo. If a client is extremely particular it will make it difficult for me to throw all those extras into the piece. With that I know quite a few people have the thought go through their heads, “It’s my tattoo, and I have to wear it my entire life. I should have a say in how it looks.” Despite how true that is, this isn’t one of those deals where I’m going to give you an hour of time valued at $150 if you’re going to barking down my neck the whole time.

As an artist and client we need to come together to create not only a piece that that you will walk away happy, but something I myself can look back at the picture and get totally excited about. I would love to achieve more than a few pieces of pure happiness. Tattoos that are truly inspirational to you and myself.
These pups are ready to make artistic dreams come alive... literally...

I will be taking deposits for November any time between now and November. In order to get the free time a $100 deposit is required. This deposit will go toward the final price of the tattoo, reserve your appointment for the beginning of November, and artwork preparation. If the art isn’t going to be tattooed in November the deposit will continue to be valid but the free time may not. Depends on my mood and how much freedom you give me in the art. I except cash, credit, and Paypal transfers. If you are from out of town I can take credit cards over the phone but there is a $5 fee for non-swiped cards. Sorry, my card provider hits me in the mouth for non-swiped cards. My contact information, portfolio options, and Paypal are below.

Thanks to all of you who have, are, and will support myself and EvoTat.

Adam Godwin @ EvoTat
116 N. Cottonwood, Canon City, CO 81212 (next to Ortega’s, across the highway from McDonald’s)
(719) 371-5259