Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Zen Tattooer and Pt. 1

Before I had started to redesign my website I had to ask myself what kind of image I wanted to send to people with even the most basic concepts behind my site. I tend to lean towards darker tones in all my work; my Verbal Vomit blog with the blacks and grays, Narwhals and Bacon with blacks and reds, and even the EvoTat site is of red and black in nature as well. With every new experience I try to approach it in the most peaceful ways possible, and sometimes I fail to complete such tasks. I do practice Eastern Philosophies such as Buddhism, and since learning the philosophies of the Buddha and many others, my life has gotten much more calm, relaxed, and all around peaceful. With this in mind, I asked myself how I can possibly spread my feeling through the visuals and words that is my website. One of my biggest inspirations on this topic is Nick Baxter’s website (

He has achieved a simple layout, but it’s kind of cryptic in a way that challenges you think before you click a link. He’s definitely trying to send a message through the way he puts things. One of the things that are consistent of so many sites is that it is of blacks and blues for tone. Nice contrast, but it’s got that dark thing going on, and that’s something that I want to steer away from. Darkness can be unsettling, even at a subconscious level, so I took a different direction. I actually grabbed little bits of color from my sketches; reds, pinks, and even cream colors to create the theme. Calming, with a twist of excitement, and they say that red is the color of passion, compassion, love, and even hunger. I want people to love my work, and be hungry for it; to keep coming back and wanting more. Not a deep red as to not inspire greed though. No one likes a glutton.

Upon reading a text on Mr. Baxter’s website he asked several questions which I will answer as I share them with you. He talks about comparing your work with the people you look up to, to gauge where you are in your career. Constantly looking at the other artist and thinking, “Have a made it yet?” He goes on to say, “But once a certain level of proficiency is achieved, I feel that it is vital for truly committed artists to ask themselves honestly…”

What am I after?

What ideas or feelings am I trying to communicate to the outside world with my paintings?

What feelings am I trying to explore within myself, and make tangible through this image?

I am after peace, Zen, and a calmness through my work that I can walk away happy from. In the summer of 2013 I finally decided to take a step back from the art and tattoos I was doing and start pursuing a level of art that I had only achieved a few times when I wasn’t even trying. My frustrations with certain styles of tattooing have left me without inspiration, and little drive to sit and create. I am now trying to bridge the gaps of Zen, lowbrow, new school, and traditional styles of tattooing. People always say they can indentify one of my tattoos, and I wonder how that is when I don’t feel like my tattoos stand out. Nothing really says, “Adam!” I recognize that’s my ego talking, but I would like to have something that is my own and not just me trying to emulate everyone else.

In every aspect of my creations, I want there to be peace, understanding, compassion, and a movement of mind that is wholesome and full of honesty. Too many people in this world get swayed with things and become questionable. “You either die a hero, or live long enough to become the villain.” I feel like I’ve lived too long as the artist I have been and nothing is truly mine; I’m tired of being a human copy machine. I would like very much for my tattoos to have artistic creativity, soul, and a message the stems from myself that hopefully the client can take with them everywhere they go. I want my entire experience with my clients to be something to truly be appreciate rather be a, “wham, bam, thank ya ma’am” interaction. Slap some mindless, trendy tattoo on someone and as soon as they walk out the door they’re forgotten. I want heartfelt experiences with everything that crosses my path.

I had an experience that opened my eyes to tattooing (You can find that on my blog HERE) and I want to take it further, really put some spikes in the ground and cause a wave of consciousness through my art. I’m out to be the Zen tattooer, but I have a feeling that many people won’t respond to it, but I am out to create a level of tattooing that I know people out there do, but I’ve never experienced it, and maybe no one is doing like I’m going to do it.

I want people to think about their tattoos, I want people to care about what goes on their bodies, and I want to sit down with my potential clients and current clients and really contemplate the best possible action that can be taken to make the best tattoo possible. Who knows, maybe through a dialogue we’ll find that I’m not the best artist for what they’re trying to achieve. I have a feeling that some people won’t respond to what it is that I’m trying to do and say to themselves, “Uhm… I just want this infinity symbol, because, like, my family is forever and whatnot. Why does it have to be all poetic, or philosophical or some junk!?” Each to their path I suppose. I know I won’t be able to win them all, but I will do my best to improve on the ones that will. Tattoos that are higher level thinking, and art with a conscious and aware perspective. I care about what goes on people’s bodies, probably more than I should, but I don’t see how it’s a bad thing as long I approach it with right action.

Like I said, I’m out to be the Zen tattooer, and will do my absolute best to approach every tattoo with peace, compassion and understanding.

Please read my other post about myself, scheduling, consults, and other stuffs.

Thank you for reading any and all of my words. Peace.

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